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"This Sun Tan Lotion Is Very Expensive" - A Dialogue

Guest article by Michael Oliver

I was asked recently during a meeting with some Distributors about "How do you justify the price of something that clearly costs a lot more money than a similar product?" It came out that even the person who asked the question believed the price was too high!

First; you never justify the price. Second; you never justify the value. You allow other people to do both!

How they do this is by you knowing the distinctions or advantages your product has over other products, and how to ask the right types of questions that allows them to find out.

In other words it's the opposite of telling which is only your point of view and unfortunately still being taught.

To demonstrate how to do this, I asked the person to give me a product that she sells. She chose a sun tan lotion selling at a price of around $30. Now, that's expensive when compared to other lotions available on the market. But is it?

You be the judge from a role play I did with her with me being the Distributor. First, I asked some questions about the product from the group to get an understanding of it. Once I got that, here is how the role play went...

"How much is that suntan lotion?"


"That's expensive"

"When you say expensive, can I ask, what do you mean by that?"

"Well that's more than I can afford and it's a lot more than the one I can buy in a greater volume"

"I see. What kind of sun tan lotion do you use?"

"I can't remember"

"Do you know what ingredients it has?"


"What the lotion is made up of?"

"No I don't"

"Do you know if the ingredients are chemical based or natural products based?"

"That I don't know either. Why what's the difference?"

"Before I answer that allow me find out if you're aware that what you put on your skin is absorbed by your body and passed into your body's system?"

"Yes I was aware though I had not thought much about it before"

"Well, to answer your questions, if the product you're using is comprised of chemical products, then you know that you're absorbing the chemicals into your body. Many sun tan lotion products have chemicals that can be harmful to you and can contribute to many of today's diseases such as cancer. Were you aware of that?

"No... but I am now"

"And products like ours have natural herbal ingredients in them with no chemical additives and therefore are safe for your body.

Which one would you prefer to put on your body?"

"I was never aware of that before... your product of course! But it still seems more expensive"

"I can understand that and I guess for me it's how you put into context - 'expensive'. If you keep using the so called 'cheap products' that could eventually kill you as opposed to natural products that could prolong a healthy life ,then the question is, which one is really more expensive?"

"I can see what you mean. I'll check and see what the ingredients are on the sun tan lotion I have, though it sounds as if it does have a chemical base. If it does I will have to rethink about using it"

"Rethink? Or not use it?!!! Well, I'm glad to have helped. In the meantime, now you know all about this product, why not take one now so that you can enjoy the use of it knowing that it's protecting you from the harmful rays of the sun as well as the harmful chemicals of those cheap products?"

"OK I will!"

See how she convinced herself of the value of the product? Price became secondary to realizing how potentially lethal her present product could be. THAT is how you build value in you and what you represent!

This is what I mean by allowing others to persuade themselves if it's appropriate to do so. You don't have to do anything except know how to understand your product and know how to allow the other person to discover for themselves the value of it.

If you follow the dialogue through carefully, you'll see it covers all 5 Stages of the Conversation Framework chart that you'll find on page 150 of my book, "How to Sell Network Marketing Without Fear, Anxiety Or Losing Your Friends!"

You can also see how I addressed the concerns that the other person raised and how she ended up resolving them herself! I'm sure you'll agree that was much easier than the conventional "Objection Handling" process that would have involved trying to convince her that the product was better than what she was currently using.

If you'd like to get results like this yourself, then you'll find my audio program "Introducing Your Business And Products" very useful. In particular, role plays 2, 6 and 8 in the program will help you to sell more of your products.

So remember, it's not about you having to convince people about the merits of your products or business opportunity. It's about you using the approach of dialogue; asking questions, listening and knowing how to respond to allow the other person to come to the conclusion that's right for them.

Take this approach, and if there's a sale to be made, you'll get it every time.

Have a peaceful and prosperous...

"Reprinted with permission from Michael Oliver, Natural Selling® Sales Training"

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