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"There is no reason to ever quit…unless of course you had no plans to ever succeed…that is called 'Delusional Success.'"

--Doug Firebaugh

Stop Selling! Start Solving!

by Robert Blackman

The #1 problem that faces EVERY Networker who works through their fear and grabs the phone to "smile and dial" is this:

"You think you're a SALESPERSON!"

You're NOT!

Salespeople try to convince.
Salespeople use worn out "clichés."
Salespeople try to "close" their prospects.
Salespeople attract other salespeople.

So stop selling and start solving!

When you're selling, you're not being duplicable.

Nobody likes to be "sold" anything.
People like to have their problems "solved."

And here's the first problem you need to solve in this business:


In Network Marketing you may work your first 40 hours and not get paid a dime. All the while, you're used to working 40 hours and getting paid for 40 hours.

It took me 12 months to make my first $1,000.00 commission check.

It took me 5 years, or 60 months, or 258 weeks to make 6-figures.

I didn't expect Network Marketing to replace my income for at least 5 years.

Once you know what you're up against then you can logically commit to your business-- regardless of what you make your first 6 months to a year.

So what is your expectation?

Once you have proper expectations, you can tackle your business and solve other people's problems. Remember - no selling, just solving!


People don't join pay plans.
People don't join products.
People join because of other people--namely YOU!

People want to follow a leader.

They're trained to do that at work, and if you're a married male, you're trained to do that at home as well!

People follow other people.

If you're not "leading" your prospects to the solutions they're wanting, then you'll be hitting your head up against the wall all the time wondering why nobody is joining with you!

My system is simple:

I make 25-50 cold calls a day.

I used to have a WARM market.

I've called those people already. It took me about 30 days to call and mail my warm market letters to those 500 people I already knew.

Four joined.

None of them stayed in over 90 days.

I needed more leads.

That's why I went to my cold market.

But I needed a system of making these cold leads into warm prospects.

Now I call my cold market to create more people in my warm market.

Yes, I call cold leads and eventually turn them into my new warm market leads.

It takes time.

But it works.

When I call someone from my program, here's what I say:

"Hi, John, this is Robert Blackman from Norman, Oklahoma. John, I show that a few months ago you showed some interest in learning how to make money on the Internet. The purpose of my call today, John, is to ask have you already found an Internet business or are you still looking?"

Waiting in the "wings," I have three arrows to shoot out at John - regardless of his response.

The first arrow is my main opportunity.
The second arrow is my lead program.
The third arrow is my training newsletter and books and tapes.

When John says he's still looking or hasn't found anything yet, I say:

"John, grab a pen and write down my web address. I want to give you a FREE Newsletter that helps explain how I make money on the Internet."

I then give him my website.

I then tell John:

"Go there now and download the Free Newsletter. Either call me at the phone number listed on my website or I'll call you tomorrow."

When John asks, "What's this all about?" I simply say, "Everything is explained in the free eBook. Call me when you've downloaded it."

That's how I handle "cold calling."

What about voicemail?

Here's my simple script I leave in voicemail boxes:

"Hi, John, this is Robert Blackman from Norman, Oklahoma. A few months you showed some interest in learning how to make money on the Internet. What I'd like to do, John, is send you a FREE Newsletter that explains in detail how I make money on the Internet. Grab a pen and write down this web address. Go there and get FREE Newsletter and then give me a call. Oh, by the way my phone number is located at the top of the web address I just gave you. Once you've received the Free Newsletter and called me we can determine if we have a "match." Give me a call when you're ready to get started."

I don't leave my phone number--ever.

I make them go to the website to get both the newsletter and my number.

Plus, I get a notification in my e-mail box when John visits my site subscribes to my Free Newsletter. That way, I call John back in 24 hours and say:

"Hello, John, this is Robert Blackman from Norman, Oklahoma. I received a notice that you visited my website at ( I told you about. Is now a good time to go over our Internet program?"

It's clean, it's simple and I don't track people down like a wolf and play phone tag for 3 weeks.

I can't.
Well, I won't and neither will my downline.

Ever heard a training tape called:

"How To Make Money Successfully Leaving Messages And Playing Phone Tag."

Neither have I.

The reason no one has ever made that tape is because playing phone tag DOESN'T work.

You won't do it.
I won't do it.
Your downline won't do it.

So STOP doing it.

Get some posture back into your prospecting!

Stop Chasing and Selling people.

Have people come to YOU.

I do. . .and it works:

--Yesterday I signed one person on the phone in my program and made $45. He got my Free Newsletter. I followed up with a phone call and signed him up over the phone!

--Yes, that means I took his credit card and social security number and all that jazz-it's easy and it's fun taking orders--you should try it! I don't wait for them to go back to my website or mail or fax a check to me. I do it NOW.

--I had over 24 new prospects on my 10 pm conference call last night. They got theirs from my e-blast to my list which I took a year to build.

--I had 2 people in my e-mail box asking me more questions about my program and letting me know they're ready to join.

--I have 19 messages from prospects who wanted more info.

--I had 3 orders arrive in my e-mail box from my website totaling over $500.00.

So, did I SELL yesterday or SOLVE?

My life and business is on "autopilot" thanks to the Internet.

My systems sort and sift and do the selling for me and then what I'm left with is a qualified prospect who's willing to "get after it" with me.

That's my system.

It's something I'll never change in my life--waking up to excited people wanting to know "more" from me and waking up to orders in my e-mail box every day.


Robert Blackman

(405) 292-4800

Home Reprinted with permission from Cutting Edge Media's
MLM Marketing and Sponsoring Tips Newsletter.
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